Organon §29

1. Any disease (which is not strictly a surgical case)consists solely of a specific dynamic disease mistunement of our life force (life principle) in our feelings and functions.

2. The life principle, which has been dynamically mistuned by the natural disease, is seized, during homeopathic cure, by the similar yet somewhat stronger artificial disease-affection which results from the application of the medicinal potence, selected exactly according to symptom similarity.

3. The feeling of the natural (weaker) dynamic disease-affection is extinguished and disappears for the life principle and, from then on, no longer exists for the life principle which is occupied solely by the stronger artificial disease-affection.

4. The artificial disease-affection soon plays itself out, leaving the patient free and recuperated. 72 The dynamis, thus freed, can now continue life again, in health.

This most highly probable process rests upon the following propositions:

72 The short duration of the action of the artificial morbific potences which we call medicines, makes it possible for them (even though they are presently stronger than the natural diseases) to be far more easily overcome by the life force than are the weaker natural diseases which, solely on account of their longer, mostly lifelong effective duration (psora, syphilis, sycosis) can never be vanquished and extinguished by the life force alone. They can only be vanquished and extinguished when the medical-art practitioner more strongly affects the life force with a very similar, but stronger, morbific potence (of homeopathic medicine). The diseases of many years’ standing that (according to §46) were cured by an outbreak of smallpox and measles (both of which also run their course in only a few weeks) are similar processes.