Organon §263

1. The cravings of the acutely ill patient with regard to edible delectables and drinks is, for the most part, for things that give palliative relief. These are not, however, actually of a medicinal nature and they are only appropriate for the current need. The slight obstacles which this gratification, held within moderate bounds, could perhaps put in the way of the thorough removal of the disease 211 are amply made up for-indeed out-weighed-by the power of the homeopathically fitting medicine and the life principle unleashed by it, and by the refreshment afforded the patient through the gratification of his craving.

2. In like manner, in acute diseases, the temperature of the room and the warmth or coolness of the bed coverings must be arranged entirely according to the wishes of the patient.

3. All mental exertion is to be kept distant from the patient.

4. All emotional shocks are also to be kept distant from the patient.


211 Such desires are, in fact, rare. For example, in cases of purely inflammatory diseases where aconite is so indispensable, but whose action would be lifted [cancelled] by partaking of vegetable acids, the patient almost always craves only pure cold water.