Organon §244

Intermittent fevers endemic to marshy and frequently flooded regions are effectively treated with small doses of cinchona and a faultless regimen, unless psora lies at the base of the disease.

Intermittent fevers endemic to marshy regions and places where flooding is frequent have given the old school physicians a lot of trouble. Yet, a healthy young person can accustom himself even to marshy regions, and remain healthy in such surroundings, provided his regimen is faultless and he is not oppressed from deprivation, fatigue or destructive passions. The intermittent fevers endemic to the place will, at most, only seize him when he is a newcomer. One or two of the smallest doses of highly potentized cinchona solution would, along with an orderly way of life, soon free him of the disease.

If people cannot be freed of intermittent marsh fever with one or two such small doses of cinchona, along with proper exercise and a healthy mental and bodily diet, then this always means that psora, striving to develop itself, lies at the base of their malady. The intermittent fever cannot be cured in the marshy region without antipsoric treatment. 201

It sometimes happens that such patients, if they are not yet deeply sunken in disease (i.e. , if the psora is not yet fully developed and can return to its latent state), can exchange the marshy region for a dry mountainous one without delay, and recovery apparently ensues (i.e. , the fever leaves them). But they can never become healthy without antipsoric help.


201 Larger, frequently repeated doses of cinchona (as well as concentrated cinchona preparations such as chininum sulphuricum [quinine]) can indeed free such patients from what is typical of intermittent marsh fevers [i.e.  the periodic attacks] but such people, deceived into believing they are cured, are not. They are left suffering in a different manner, as was already noted above [fn 235a], from a cinchona wasting sickness which is occasionally incurable (see footnote 276b). 246 What I said in a long footnote to this paragraph in the fifth edition of The Organon of the Medical Art was all that my experience allowed me to say at the time. It was written with the purpose of preventing these adverse reactions of the life principle. However, during the last four to five years, all such difficulties have been fully lifted through the modifications I have made since then, resulting in my new, perfected procedure [for fifty-millesimal potency medicines]. The same well-chosen medicine can now be given daily, even for months when necessary. In the treatment of chronic diseases, after the lowest degree of potency has been used up (in one or two weeks) one proceeds in the same way to higher degrees of potency (for in the new [fifty-millesimal] manner of dynamization, use begins with the lowest degrees, as is taught in the following paragraphs).

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