Organon §238

Recommended medicine and number of doses for intermittent fevers.

Not infrequently, the appropriate medicine will expunge several attacks with only one small dose, probably restoring health all by itself, however, in most cases, one must administer a new dose after each attack. In the most favorable cases (i.e. those cases in which the nature of the symptoms has not been altered) doses of the same medicine are to be given. Due to the recent discovery of the best repetition of doses, repeated doses can be administered without ill effect (see footnote to §270). 200 The medicinal solution should be succussed 10-12 times before administering each successive dose.

Removal of the arousing cause of the intermittent fever may be necessary for a permanent restoration of health.

In rare cases, the intermittent fever returns after the patient has felt well for several days. This recurrence of the same fever after an interval of health is only possible when the malignity that first aroused the intermittent fever continues to impinge upon the convalescing patient, as it does in marshy regions. In such cases, a permanent restoration of health is only possible by removal of the arousing cause (for example, by staying in a mountainous region in the case of an intermittent marsh fever).


200 In fn 270f, Hahnemann discusses the advantages of fifty-millesimal (lm) potency medicines over centesimal (c) potencies. With fifty-millesimal potencies, one may repeat the dose even at short intervals and even with medicines of long-lasting action.