Organon §216

The cases are not rare in which a so-called somatic disease that threatens to be fatal-suppuration of the lungs, corruption of some other noble organ, or some other heated (acute) disease (e.g. , during childbirth, etc.)-degenerates, by rapid ascent of the hitherto emotional symptom, into an insanity, a kind of melancholia or a frenzy, thereby making all deadly peril of the somatic symptoms vanish. In the meantime, the somatic symptoms improve almost up to the point of health, or rather they decrease to such a degree that their crepuscular presence can only be discerned by the subtly observing physician who perseveres in his observations. In this way, the disease degenerates into a one-sided, as it were, local disease in which the symptom of the emotional mistunement that was previously mild enlarges itself into the main symptom which then, for the most part, represents the rest of the symptoms (the somatic symptoms) and palliatively allays their intensity. In a word, the maladies of the coarser bodily organs are, as it were, transferred and diverted onto the almost spiritual, mental and emotional organs, which have never been reached, and are unreachable, by any dissecting scalpel.  

How to treat chronic one-sided mental and emotional diseases:§217 

Get a picture of the whole disease, both the somatic and especially the mental and emotional state.

1. In these maladies, the investigation of the whole complex of signs must be undertaken with care. One must carefully investigate the somatic symptoms and, preeminently, one must exactly apprehend the definite individuality (i.e. the character) of the malady’s chief symptom: the special, always prevailing, mental and emotional state.

Select the remedy whose symptoms most resemble not only the somatic symptoms in the case, but especially the mental and emotional state. 

2. This should be done in order to find a homeopathic medicinal disease potence, among the remedies known according to their pure actions, that will extinguish the total disease-a remedy which, in its symptom content, offers not only the somatic symptoms that are present in this disease case but which also, preeminently, offers the greatest possible similarity of the mental and emotional state.

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