Organon §180

Imperfectly homeopathic medicines may bring forth new or previously unnoticed befallments. These are a part of the disease even though they were brought forth by the medicine.

In this case, a medicine has been selected as well as possible but, due to the one-sided nature of the disease, it is only imperfectly homeopathic, that is, it is only partially analogous to the disease. Consequently, the medicine will arouse accessory ailments, just as in the above-mentioned case (§162) where the dearth of homeopathic remedies left the selection incomplete. The medicine will mix several befallments from its own set of symptoms into the condition of the patient. These befallments are, however, at the same time, ailments of the disease itself, although they have rarely or never been felt by the patient up until now. Befallments that the patient had not perceived at all before will disclose themselves, or befallments that the patient had perceived only indistinctly will develop themselves to a higher degree.