Organon §17

The only thing the physician has to do to remove the entire disease is take away the entire symptom complex.

When a cure occurs through the taking away of the entire complex of perceptible signs and befallments of disease, the internal alteration of the life force which is lying at its base (consequently the totality of the disease) is simultaneously lifted. 67 It follows, therefore, that the medical-art practitioner has only to take away the symptom complex in order to simultaneously lift and annihilate the internal alteration (i.e. , the morbid mistunement of the life principle) and consequently the totality of the disease, the disease itself. 68 When the disease is annihilated, health is restored. This is the highest, the only goal of the physician who knows the meaning of his calling which is to help, not to engage in learned-sounding prattle.

67 The highest disease can be brought to pass through sufficient mistunement of the life principle by means of the imagination, and it can be taken away again in the same manner. A premonitory dream, a superstitious fancy or a solemn fateful prophecy of death on a certain day or at a certain hour has not-infrequently brought all the signs of arising and increasing disease and approaching death and even death itself at the indicated hour. This could not happen without the simultaneous production of an internal alteration corresponding to the outwardly perceptible state. In such cases, all the features of disease indicating approaching death have not-infrequently been scared off through some artificial deception or persuasion to the contrary, and health suddenly reestablished. This would not have been possible without the removal, by means of this merely moral remedy, of both the internal and external morbid alterations that prepared for death.

The highest diseases are brought to pass by means of the imagination and can be cured by altering patients’ beliefs.