Organon §161

Chronic diseases treated with fifty-millesimal potencies should only have a homeopathic aggravation towards the end of treatment.

When I place the so-called homeopathic aggravation (i.e. , the initial action of the homeopathic medicine which appears to somewhat heighten the symptoms of the original disease) within the first hour or the first few hours, this is thus certainly the case with the more acute, recently arisen maladies. However, when medicines of longer duration of action have to combat an old or very old wasting sickness, no such apparent heightenings of the original disease should show themselves during the course of treatment; and they will not show themselves if the aptly selected medicine is administered in properly small, only gradually heightened doses which become somewhat modified every time by new dynamization (§247). Such heightenings of the original symptoms of the chronic disease can then only come to light at the end of such treatments when the cure is almost or entirely completed. 172173 The second half of §161 (beginning with “no such apparent heightenings…”) along with fn 161, were written by Hahnemann for the sixth edition of the Organon, giving instructions for the use of fifty-millesimal (LM) potencies in these cases. 173 


172 If the doses of the best-dynamized medicine (§270) are small enough, and the dose is modified each time by succussion, then even medicines of long duration of action can be repeated after short intervals, even in cases of chronic disease.