Organon §145

Only a very considerable supply of known medicines will enable us to find the most fitting remedy for each case of disease. So far, a fairly fitting remedy can be found for almost every disease.

Of course, only a very considerable supply of medicines, exactly known according to this, their pure mode of action in altering the human condition, can enable us to find a homeopathic remedy-a fitting analogue of an artificial (curative) disease potence-for each of the infinitely many disease states in nature, for each wasting sickness in the world. 167 Meanwhile (thanks to the truth of the symptoms and the abundance of disease elements that each one of the efficacious medicinal substances has shown in its impinging action on healthy bodies) there are only a few cases of disease left for which a fairly fitting homeopathic remedy is not to be met with, among the ones now already proven as to their pure action, 168 a remedy that brings health again gently, surely, and permanently without any particular ailments. These homeopathic medicines do so infinitely more certainly and surely than all the general and special therapies of the hitherto allopathic medicinal art, with its unknown compound means that merely alter and aggravate but cannot cure chronic diseases, that protract rather than promote the cure of acute diseases, and that often even bring about endangerment to life. 


167 Initially, some forty years ago, I was the only one who made the proving of pure medicinal powers his most important pursuit. Since then I have been supported by some young men who have done provings on themselves and whose observations I have gone through diligently. A few others have since done some genuine testing of this kind. But what will we be able (only then) to curatively achieve within the entire sphere of the infinite domain of disease, when several accurate and reliable observers have distinguished themselves through careful self-provings for the enrichment of this one genuine materia medica! Then the medical pursuit will approach the mathematical sciences in reliability.

168 See footnote 109a.