Organon §129

Provers should start with a small dose and then increase it if necessary.

When only weak actions of such a dose come to light, one can increase the dosage with a few more globules daily until the actions become more distinct and stronger, until the condition-alterations become more perceptible. Few persons are immediately strongly attacked by a medicine. In fact, there is great diversity in this respect. Occasionally, an apparently weak person is hardly aroused by a medicine known to be very powerful while the same person is strongly enough aroused by several other, far weaker medicines. On the other hand, there are very robust persons who sense very appreciable disease symptoms from an apparently mild medicine while from stronger medicines, they sense less, etc. Since this is not known beforehand, it is very advisable to begin, at first, with a small medicinal dose [for everybody] and when it is appropriate and necessary, to increase it to a higher and higher dose from day to day.