Organon §128

Medicinal substances should be proven in potentized form in order to reveal their full hidden powers.

Both the recent and the most recent experiences have taught that, in provings done with medicinal substances in their raw state, the substances do not manifest nearly the full wealth of their hidden powers as they do in provings using substances in potentized form (i.e. , highly attenuated through proper trituration and succussion). By means of this simple processing, the powers that lie hidden and, as it were, dormant in the medicinal substance's raw state are developed and awakened into activity to an incredible degree. Therefore, even substances deemed weak with regard to their medicinal powers are best investigated by having the prover take, daily on an empty stomach, four to six of the finest globules of the 30th potency [30C] of such a substance, moistened with a little water, or rather dissolved in a larger or smaller amount of water and well succussed. This should be continued for several days.