Organon §125

A prover's diet during the proving must be simple, nutritious, non-stimulating and non-medicinal. 

During the proving, the diet must also be arranged quite moderately:

1. It must be simple, nutritious, and as much as possible without spices.

2. Side dishes of green vegetables and roots, 160 all salads, and soup herbs should be avoided because they always retain some disturbing medicinal power, no matter how they are prepared.

3. Beverages should be those usually taken, and they should be as little stimulating as possible. 161


160 Young green peas in the pod, green beans, steamed potatoes and, if need be, carrots are permissible since these are the least medicinal vegetables.

161 Provers must not have the habit of drinking wine, brandy, coffee or tea. If they did have the habit, they must have completely broken it long before the proving. Partly, these beverages are stimulating; partly, they are medicinally detrimental.