Organon §12

The manifestations of a disease reveal the whole disease, and their disappearance indicates complete recovery.

It is the disease-tuned life force alone that brings forth diseases. 64 These diseases are expressed by the disease manifestations perceptible to our senses conjointly with all internal alterations. These [internal and external] disease manifestations express the entire morbid mistunement of the inner dynamis and bring the entire disease to the light of day. On the other hand, the disappearance, by curative means, of all disease manifestations (i.e. , all noticeable alterations deviating from the healthy life process) just as certainly involves the restoration of the integrity of the life principle and, consequently, it necessarily presupposes the return of the health of the entire organism.

64 The medical-art practitioner can derive no benefit from probing into how and why the life force brings the organism to the manifestations of disease, that is, how it creates disease. This will remain eternally hidden from him. The Lord of life laid before his senses only what was necessary and fully sufficient for him to be aware of for curative purposes.

In order to cure, the physician does not need to know how the life force brings forth disease.