Коклюш – основные препараты

Описание коклюшного кашля

Antimonium tartaricum
Exhausting, scantily productive cough as if the child is too weak. Thick, viscid mucus expelled with difficulty and much relief. Child springs up with anxiety before attack. Worse: 10 PM to midnight. If becomes irritated. Eating. Lying. Better: Sitting. Bending head backwards. Local: Child becomes overwhelmingly sleepy after the paroxysm. Drowsy, yawning and twitching face between attacks. Cyanotic during paroxysm and gasping for minutes afterward. Grasps at larynx during cough. Rattling chest; too weak to expel the mucus. Vomits from unsuccessful effort to raise the mucus. Expectoration: Thick; unexpelled; swallowed.

Arnica montana
Painful, racking cough, patient holds his chest, fears each paroxysm. Cough each time the child starts to weep. Cough during fever, especially in the defervescent phase. May be more pronounced in the daytime. Local: Epistaxis with cough. Cough so severe it bursts vessels about eyes causing bruises. Holds or splints the chest during the cough. Fever rises during the coughing paroxysm. Expectoration: Thick, sticky yellow mucus. Bloody mucus. Bryonia alba Severely painful cough felt in whole head and chest. Must hold the chest with each cough. Worse: Slightest motion. Deep breath, fears to breathe. Eating or swallowing. Drinking. Overheating. Lying. Violent cough seems to come from the stomach. Coughs until vomits while eating, then returns to his meal. Expectoration: Blood streaked and sticky or hard.

Rapid onset of serious, horribly painful cough. Violent coughing paroxysms with red face, bulging eyes, marked pain in the abdomen. Worse: Night. Crying. Deep breath. Touching larynx. Yawning. From sensation of dryness or foreign body in larynx. Violent paroxysms relieved by slight expectoration; between the paroxysm comes increasing dryness and tickling of larynx until the paroxysm comes again. Local: Weeping before cough. Bright red face. Severe, bursting headache during each cough. Violent cough causing sparks or squiggles in the vision. Soreness or tearing in the larynx during cough. Abdominal pain before and during cough. Expectoration: Bright red blood. Bloody taste when coughing.

Carbo vegetabilis
Paroxysms of coughing and gagging with red face followed by coldness, sweating, collapse and paleness or blue face. Cold yet worse from being covered. Craves open air or fanning. Worse: Evening. Before midnight. Lying flat. Walking. Cold food. Cold drinks. During expiration. Better: After producing mouthfuls of sputum. Coughs in paroxysms of 3 coughs. Expectoration: Offensive, often with clotted brownish blood.

Coccus cacti
Paroxysms of cough at 6 to 7 AM or after 11:30 PM. Worse: Immediately upon awakening in the morning. Becoming heated. Lying. Warm food or drinks. Better: Cold or open air. Cold drinks. Hard, racking cough with purple face until vomits or expectorates. Marked burning of membranes after the mucus has been cleared. Expectoration: Ropes of mucus which hang out of mouth.

Cuprum metallicum
Paroxysms extreme and continued with suffocation and cyanosis. Cough may end in convulsions or unconsciousness. Violent paroxysms followed by stiffness, spasms or twitching and apneic spells; while recovering, vomiting occurs. Worse: Swallowing. Deep inspiration. Bending head backwards. Better: Cold drinks. Paroxysms of three coughs (Carb-V). Local: Lacrimation during the paroxysm. Cramps in hands and feet with cough. Clenches the thumbs during paroxysm. Expectoration: Tough and blood streaked. Metallic taste.

Drosera rotundifolia
Violent paroxysms of choking cough, patient can scarcely catch his breath from coughing so violently. Worse: After midnight. On first lying. Eating. Drinking. Exhaling. Dryness or crawling sensation in the throat. Smoke. Better: Walking slowly. Sitting. Local: Cyanosis with the paroxysm. Epistaxis with cough. Retching and vomiting with cough. Rapid panting before the paroxysm. Pain in the ribs or stomach on coughing preventing cough and expectoration, better from pressing the epigastrium. Holds the chest due to painful cough. Expectoration: Bloody or thick yellow.

Suffocative paroxysms with gagging and vomiting. Horrible nausea throughout the infection. Incessant cough; cough with each breath. Child becomes stiff during the paroxysm with red or blue face. Worse: Night, especially at 7 PM. In a warm room. Eating. Better: Open air. After expectoration. Cold drinks. Local: Face muscles become stiff during the paroxysm. Epistaxis from cough. Constriction of larynx and stridor begin just before the cough. Expectoration: Bloody mucus. Nauseating sputum.