Кашель — основные препараты

Bryonia alba

Severely painful cough felt in whole head and chest.
Must hold the chest with each cough and sometimes holds the head.
Dry cough with each movement or deep breath. Fears to inspire.
Worse: Eating or swallowing. Overheating. Lying with head low.
Ascending. Raising arms. Bending head backward.
Better: Open air.
(See also Pertussis, Pneumonia).

Irritated, tickling cough with scant, difficult expectoration.
Causticum can have coughs at any hour, but a cough which vanishes during the day completely is an indication for this remedy.
Worse: Drafts or cold air. Bathing. Becoming heated in bed at night.
Lying. Only on lying. Bending head forward. Talking.
Better: Cold drinks. Rainy weather.
Often associated with hoarseness.
Rawness in the chest or tickling in the larynx provokes the cough.
Feeling of mucus in the chest which makes him try to cough just a little deeper to get it up.
Local: Urinary incontinence with cough.
Pain in hips, especially left hip during cough.
Expectoration: Sticky. Greasy or soapsuds. Unable to raise the mucus no matter how hard he tries; sputum must be swallowed.
(See also Pertussis).

Coccus cacti
Paroxysmal, tickling cough at 6 to 7 AM or after 11:30 PM.
Worse: Becoming heated. Warm rooms. Warm drinks or food.
Lying. Rinsing out the mouth. Winter. In alcoholics.
Better: Cold or open air. Cold drinks or cold food.
Hard, short, hacking coughs in paroxysms ending in copious mucus.
Cough produces ropes of thick mucus. Also totally dry coughs.
(See also Pertussis).

Kalium carbonicum
Bronchitis and productive cough. Dry, tickling cough.
Cough at night, especially 2 to 4 AM and in the morning.
Cough awakens the patient, especially after midnight.
Crawling, tickling sensation on first lying at night provokes cough.
Worse: 2 to 4 AM. On first going to sleep.
Cold air or from the slightest draft.
Lying. Exertion. Deep inspiration. Warm food.
Better: Sitting upright or even bent forward.
Vomits with cough.
Stitching pains in chest with each cough.
(See also Pneumonia, Pertussis).

Pulsatilla pratensis
Cough from allergy and asthma or from fluent colds.
Loose rattling coughs with green, juicy expectoration.
Worse: Evening or at night in bed.
Becoming cold (especially during infection).
Warm room (in allergies). Becoming wet.
Smoky rooms. Warm drinks. Heavy exertion. Lying. Measles.
Before menses or from suppressed menses.
Better: Open or cool air. Gentle walking. Sitting. Deep breath.
Lying propped on pillows.
Children with nighttime coughs, from post-nasal drainage.
Dry cough evening, then loose during the morning.
Local: Lacrimation during cough.
Involuntary urination during the cough.
Chest pain during cough.
Expectoration: Morning on rising. Yellow or green mucus.
Easy production of juicy green mucus. Bitter sputum.

Every cold ends in a cough and chest infection.
Dry, tickling cough. Painful cough. Burning in chest with cough.
Worse: Evening or twilight. Sleep; awakens from the cough.
Cold air. Entering or leaving a warm room to go into
(or come out from) the cold.
Lying on left side.
Odors, smoke or fumes.
Talking. Reading aloud. Singing.
Better: Turning to the right side. Warmth.
Local: Marked headache during the cough.
Burning or painful chest from cough, must hold or squeeze it.
General trembling and exhaustion during cough.

Rumex crispus
Tickling irritated coughs — the main remedy.
Incessant, violent, tickling cough with scant expectoration.
Intense tickling in larynx and trachea, worse cold air.
Covers his mouth when he must go out into the cold air.
Worse: 11 PM. Morning. Cold or open air.
Entering or leaving a warm room — to or from cold.
Changes in air flow. Undressing. Uncovering.
Bending the head backwards. Inspiring. Talking. Lying.
Pressing even lightly in the pit of the throat.
Changing the rate or rhythm of respiration.
Better: Turning onto the right side.
Dry, irritated cough. Also productive, hard cough.

Spongia tosta
Dry, hacking cough from allergy, asthma or infection.
Worse: Before or at midnight. Both day and night.
Cold, dry air. Cold drinks.
Better: Warm drinks or food. From eating or drinking.
From constantly sucking on hard candy or «Cough drops.»
Sitting. From bending the head forward.
Barking, croupy, or irritated cough, often with constriction or tickling in the larynx.
Suffocative cough; cyanosis with cough.
Marked burning in the throat, larynx and chest with each cough.
(See also Croup).

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