Homeopathic versus allopathic medical treatment §52-§54 Organon §52

Homeopathy is based on observation, experiment and experience while allopathy is based on assumptions and suppositions.

There are just two main modes of medical treatment, the homeopathic and the allopathic. The homeopathic mode bases all that it does on the exact observation of nature, careful experiments and pure experience. It has never, before me, been intentionally applied. The allopathic (or heteropathic) mode does not do this. Each mode is diametrically opposed to the other. Only a person who does not know both could surrender to the delusion that they could ever approach one another, let alone ever let themselves be united. Only such a person could make himself so ridiculous as to practice sometimes homeopathically and sometimes allopathically, according to the pleasure of the patient. Such a practice may be called a treasonous betrayal of divine homeopathy.