Fagus purpurea – жизнь проносится мимо

Гомеопатический препарат Fagus purpurea - описание, показания к применению, прувинг.
Чрезмерная возбудимость с беспокойством и тревожностью. Боязнь неизвестного прошлого, неправильных поступков, темноты, слишком долгого пребывания в одиночестве на открытых пространствах. Людям, которым подойдет fagu-p, вероятно приходилось выдерживать большое давление и множество невзгод, нести тяжелое бремя на протяжении многих лет своей жизни, что часто приводило к гневу, обиде, горечи и усталости от мира. Послевкусие - от пережитого ранее плохого опыта сделало их пессимистичными, они беспокоятся о надвигающемся несчастье и о том, что жизнь закончится прежде, чем они достигнут чего-либо стоящего. Они чувствуют, что жизнь проносится мимо них, в то время как они впустую тратят время. У них также может возникнуть ощущение, что они прожили слишком долго, и желание умереть. Поэтому гомеопатический препарат Fagus purpurea, возможно будет полезным средством для пожилых людей и поможет придать силу, выносливость, спокойствие, умиротворение и ощущение защищенности.

Fagus purpurea [Fagu-p.]
(Copper Beech)
Natural history
The remedy was made from a young tree that grows in a church yard in the medieval town of Rye in East Sussex. The sample used was cut during Spring: the part used was a new shoot with budding leaves and part of the fresh twig. The name, 'Copper Beech'derives from the dark colour of the leaves and the Anglo-Saxon word 'boc'which means book: this is because thin slices of Beech wood were used for the first material on which the art of writing words was first practised. Beech wood carried the first written words of ancient legend and knowledge.

The tree is relatively shallow rooted and is liable to be blown over in a gale. The cambium layer (the vital layer of new growth just beneath the bark) is very near the surface of the tree: it is thin skinned' and easily damaged by wild animals that nibble the bark.

Chlorophyll is processed in an unusual way hence the colour of the leaves: this makes them ultra sensitive to sunlight and liable to scorching. Yet the tree can be adaptable to different habitats: if isolated and in the open then the leaves are much tougher: if in a thicker wood the leaves will be more refined and delicate, not needing the extra protection.

It has one of the most dense canopies of all trees and not very much can grow in its shadow except plants that need damp and shade - blue bells and anemones: fungi, as well, to which weakened trees are susceptible. Fagus requires large quantities of water so prefers damp sites: this also helps the tree to retain its leaves for much longer than most others - sometimes until the following spring when new shoots force the old leaves to drop. In traditional medicine it was said that water from a hollow beech tree would heal 'scurf and scab'. It has been used more recently to treat chronic skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

It is a well known ingredient of an expectorant syrup for bronchitis. The leaves can be used as a poultice for boils and other 'hot swellings'. It is a tree suitable for meditating with or under: it is said to encourage and engender the potential for growth through creative change. It is a leaching tree’ and as such is ruled by the planet Saturn.

Esoteric: Helps restore balance: peacefulness. Provides the link between the past and the future through the present (which seems so confused): brings to the surface negative karmic and ancestral energies that need to be addressed by the patient in order to set them on (or back on) the right path. Encourages clarity of vision and restores the patients sense of purpose - esp. in those who have operated from a strong adrenal force but who remain frustrated. Strongly protective of the aura.

Exhaustion: enervation: world weariness: feels weakened by a series of misfortunes or a lifetime of struggle (like Oak) but with despair. Has sense of being 'stuck1 on all levels. Poor co-ordination. Sycotic: often has more than one focus of pathology. Skin problems either alternate or coexist with internal pathology. Anxiety about personal state (Psoric) underlies other miasmatic conditions: necrosis: copper coloured eruptions - Syphilitic: fungal infections (inveterate) of the external genitals (Sycotic): bronchitic tendencies in those who are permanently restless (Tub.). Also for those with a sense of 'loss of purpose' - an adynamic Will (Carcinogenic). Infertility esp. in those whose family history includes difficult gynaecological problems. Also infertility in men who have or have had difficult and/or unresolved relationships in the past. (For couples who seem to be incompatible on one or other level: can be as if the woman has a form of'allergy'to her partner.) One sided pathology. Excessive adrenal function causing the patient to be Yang'orientated.

Types: Suits children who seem burdened by family history and who do not do well: slow growth rate: poor progress. Suits 'rootless', restless people even those who seemingly work hard: those who are clearly in the wrong profession or on the wrong 'path' in life. Older people with wizened look: those who age before their time.

Agitation: anxiety: over-excitability with restlessness and anxiousness. Fearful of the unknown: of the past: of not doing the right thing: of the dark: of dark places: of being alone for too long in open spaces. Anticipation - from having lived through bad experiences before: have become pessimistic and negative: anxious about impending misfortune. Anxious that their life will be over before they are ready or before they have achieved anything worthwhile: about old age - they feel that life is rushing past them while they are wasting time. Worried about their creative potential - they feel their best work has not been achieved yet. Angry with themselves and with those who block their way or who challenge them. Intolerant of frustrations: they often seek or demand help from others to shift the source of frustration: "You must help me.” Cross and irritable with agitation. Become hurried and over-excited which can lead to confusion and clumsy movement or speech. Can be bigoted: sceptical - rigid thinking: unwilling to learn by experience: stuck in their ways. Forthose whose religious beliefs have restricted their spiritual growth. They often give confused information about their state because of the sheer volume and weight of circumstances: they present a jumble of parts from different periods or aspects oftheir lives: they appear not to have been able to sort out the confusion of their past. While speaking they can assume an intense expression (as if everything they say has the same weight and all of it is of equal importance). They cling on to past incidents and are unforgiving: holding on to grudges can cause weakening of resolve and purpose. Finding something they set out to do too difficult they start other projects but with half an eye on their recent failure. In extremis, there is a sense of towering rage: an inexplicable but overpowering wish to kill someone (by strangling orcrushing - might say they want to annihilate or pulverise someone).

Tension headaches. Weight on the vertex: brow feels crowded.
Liver headaches worse forehead. Vertigo during the menopause.

Burning sensations. Flickering in the vision: everything is too dark - needs extra light. Bright sunlight can cause dry and tired eyes: wants to shield and rub them.

Thick mucous: post nasal drip. Brown catarrh after colds. Excessive hair growth in nostrils.

Sense of constriction (like Lach, which is the animal analogue). Mucous membrane of the inner throat feels thickened: thick, bubbly mucous and saliva: impedes clear speech. Roughness better eating soft foods. Coughs up lumps of foul mucous: brown and jellyfish. External throat: skin tags and rough skin. Thin skin with coppery stains after sun burn.

Heaviness with loss of appetite. Feels bruised as if punched in the solar plexus. Afeeling of being unwell (in digestion) but without any obvious symptoms: an uneasiness. Bubbling sensations.

History of aggressive, Yang sexuality which has now become dissatisfying and unsatisfactory: for men who turn to another woman for a change. Late onset promiscuity. Incomplete erections. Mentally aroused but physically unresponsive. Fungal infections. General energy state disturbed by unresolved karma of previous relationships.

Should not be given this remedy while they are on HRT! Menopause: heat with agitation: depression: sense of guilt and frustration with tendency to sweat. Stress = and worse hot flushes and sweat. Often feels: "Oh, What’s the point of it all?" Agitation worse all symptoms: symptoms worse agitation. History of fungal infections: should be considered in Candida and leucoplakia. Thick leucorrhoea which can be brown or greenish with a dank smell (like an old cellar).

Asthmatic breathing: rattling and whistling worse cold, damp weather.
Sense of constriction in upper chest. Eczema over the sternum.

Whiplash injuries: old cases that have not resolved in spite of much treatment. Sacrum: esp. useful after other remedies have been given without complete success in cases of old injuries. Lower back pain in those whose lives are frequently or constantly marked by misfortune. Pains in back worse anger and frustration.

Drowsy in the daytime but energetic after the sun goes down. Dreams of frustration: of being late: of not having enough time to do something: of drowning: of anger: of the past. Wakes from sleep/dream in a sweat.

Eczema esp. that which will not clear up on the usual indicated remedies.
Psoriasis. Skin tags: polyps: warts: verruccae. Very thin and smooth skin which is easily damaged: < hydro-cortisone creams.

Bubbling sensations. Rumbling and grumbling. Stools may have jelly like mucous. Anal itching: Candida problems. Constipation with soft stools.