Dysenteriae bacillus


+ Bowel Nosode

Thin, Fair Hair; dark lashes, pink and white skin Dark hair pale, good colour.

Tense, nervous, full of fears, Shy lacks confidence, apprehensive, worried over trifles, CLAUSTROPHOBIA- Afraid in train, tram, bus and church, Afraid in theatre, lift, office, Afraid of meeting strangers, new doctors, new patients. Afraid to go out of house. Unable to cope. Trembles stammers on excitement. Restless, fussy, depressed. Extreme exhaustion.

Blinding headaches with looseness of bowels Frontal, persistent. Migraine more headache than vomiting. Fuzzy head.

Painful to comb. Dry, scaly painful spots.

Neuralgia- supra and infra orbital. Twitching of muscles of face.

Blepharitis, styes, Conjunctivitis, photophobia. Twitching eyelids. Floating bodies, woolly spots before eyes. Yellow colour vision.

Otorrhoea. Sudden swelling ears- blue red then scaling.

Hay fever. Vasomotor rhinorrhoea. Frequent coryza. Pain root of nose.

Taste bad. Tongue raw and burning. Lips dry and cracked Rheumatism jaw.

Enlarged thyroid, Dry throat, Recurrent tonsillitis, Pharyngitis.

Fond-fats; sweets, salts, milk

Pain P.C. (>) eating Indigestion for years distention and discomfort p.c. Eructation, heartburn. Ptosis stomach, dilation, splashing. No heartburn, no vomiting, no nausea, no pain.

Distention; flatus, Colitis. Pain and tenderness over gall bladder.

Looseness-frequent motions 5 to 6 per day Diarrhoea on excitement or worry. Throbbing rectum with sense of block or cork. Mucus with motion.

Urge to micturition in tram or train.

Dysmenorrhoea M.P. irregular. Throbbing pelvis and perineum. Infantile masturbation.

Pain chest on exertion. Pleurodynia. Sense of tightness lower ribs.
Shortness of breath. Bronchial catarrh

Blood stained sputum. Cough like pertussis.

D.A.H.-? Thyrotoxicosis. Tachycardia, palpitation, extra systoles.

#Neck and back
Fibrositis neck and shoulders Rheumatism neck and shoulders. Backache. Spondylitis.

Pain ankles-arthritis. Osteo arthritis and periostitis foot. Osteoporosis. Pain knees.

Herpes face, neck, chest, Blisters between fingers. Scaly eruptions flexures. Dermatitis hands - palms dry, cracked and painful. Flat warts hands. Psoriasis Urticarial attacks.