Coriandrum Sativum

Coriandrum Proving

Master Prover: Louis Klein R.S. Hom
Co-Master Prover: Toni Bark MD
Compilation: Janet Levatin MD and Rose Lee
I decided to prove Coriander because it was such a common spice and condiment and a member of
Umbelliferae family. I had also seen some allergies to this herb in both myself and other patients.
Native to the Mediterranean basin, India and Western Asia, Coriander is one
of the world’s oldest spices, cultivated in Egypt 3,500 years ago and found
in the tomb of Tutankhamun, built in 1350 B.C. In the Jewish tradition
coriander is one of the bitter herbs taken at the Feast of Passover,
symbolizing the flight from captivity in Egypt. The Greeks and Romans
similarly carried on with the popularity of the herb in the ancient world.
All parts of this strongly aromatic plant have found both culinary and
medicinal uses. The odor of the plant is striking: It is completely pervaded
by a distinctive smell of bed bugs. Indeed the name of the plant comes from
the Greek word koris (bug). Fortunately this odor departs from the seeds on
drying and they become pleasantly aromatic and spicy.
Today, Coriander is one of the most heavily used herbs in the world. Though
the main global producers of the plant are India and Morocco, it is also
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (1 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:55 AM] extremely popular in the cuisine of Latin America, the Middle East, China
and Thailand. The large lower leaves are familiar as Cilantro (or chinese
parsley) and can be used like parsley.
Coriander was official in the United States Pharmacopoeia from 1820, right
up to 1985, when progress intervened. Its use as a tonic digestive tea is
very old, and it was already used as an aphrodisiac in ancient Egypt. It has
been a very common ingredient in herbal mixtures, often as a flavoring or
adjuvant to hide the taste of other ingredients.
Coriander is an annual herb with a strongly aromatic or fetid odor that can
grow to 3 feet on a thin and spindly stem. The stem rises erectly, is
furrowed, but unlike many Umbelliferae, is solid not hollow. The leaves are
one or two pinnate and show a strong metamorphosis from top to bottom, with
the lower leaves rounded and lobed and the upper finely divided. The flower
umbels are white or pinkish appearing all summer, with the outer flowers
noticeably larger than the central ones. The hard, dry fruits are small,
round and beige to red-brownish with prominent ribs. They have a musky,
lemon scent when dried and are rich in essential oil, coriandrol. The plant
is found in waste places.
Culinary Use
Cilantro leaves are put in salads, soups and sauces and are a main
ingredient in Mexican salsa. Even the stem is used in soups and bean
dishes. The root is added to curries and can also be used as a condiment or
as a garlic substitute. Conversely, in a kind of homeopathic twist,
coriander can also be used to neutralize garlic on the breath.
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (2 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:55 AM] The ground coriander seed is used to flavor seafoods, fish, cold meats,
eggs, cheese and potatoes, and ratatouille. It is part of curries, gram
masala, chutneys, pickles and marinades and even used as a table spice in
the Middle East. In baked goods coriander seed traditionally flavors
cookies, cakes and gingerbread. Formerly these seeds were sugared and sold
by themselves as candy comfits. Coriander is also an ingredient in liqueurs
like gin and Chartreuse and was formerly added as a flavoring for weak
beers. It is found in some cocoas and is commonly used as a tea, alone or in
combination with other herbs. Meanwhile, the essential oil is used in
perfumes, soaps, incense and flavoring for medicines and cosmetics,
including toothpaste.
Herbal Physical Profile
Nervous System
The seed is mildly narcotic, with sedative properties.
Reduces pain of migraine.
Digestive System
Aids digestion. Relieves flatulence. diarrhea.
Rheumatism and joint pain. Also as an external ointment.
(The above information provided by Asa Hersoff ND who is currently writing a book on plant families in
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (3 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:55 AM] Prover 1, 46 yo female
Prover 2, 46 yo female
Prover 3, 39 yo female
Prover 4,
Prover 5,
Prover 6, 39 yo female
Prover 7, 53 yo male
Prover 8, 45 yo female
Prover 9,
1 00:0900 Took the remedy and within a half an hour I was extremely tired. My eyelids felt heavy
1 01:1000 still feel lethargic and spacey but have more energy than yesterday
1 02:1100 very tired and lethargic(NS)
2 10:1400 Very sleepy, tired again, like this morning. Difficult staying awake in class although I am
very interested. Lasted one hour.
2 16:1430 Sudden fatigue (NS). Compelled to take a nap. Had planned to go for a run, but changed
plans. Slept from 1500 -1540. Woke up by an alarm, still tired. Slept like a log. Tired all afternoon and
evening. Felt exhausted. Client commented about how tired I looked.
3 02:0700 Very difficult to get out of bed to go to work. My body feels like a dead weight. No
motivation. (NS)
3 02:0800 Usually when I wait for the subway I cannot sit still and need to pace back and forth. Not
today! Sit on bench like a stone statue. Feel like a stone. Contemplate the word "stoned" and why they
use it for people when they get high. This is different from getting high but I would like to give the
word "stoned" a broader meaning because it is so perfect to describe my state. (NS)
3 02:0815 Usually when I get off subway I sprint up the stairs to exit. Today I stand frozen on
escalator with crowds. (NS).
4 01:1530 I feel like I have the flu. Headache, tired.
4 01:1100 Tired, want to go back to bed.
6 04:XXXX There is a feeling of slowness, heavy dragging down feeling. With exercise I walk most
of the way and run very little. (RS) I felt physically slow and cancelled three things and didn’t feel
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (4 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:55 AM] bad or guilty.
6 04:XXXX Hangover, heavy feeling when I awoke today
6 16:XXXX Extreme exhaustion and fatigue with flu like symptoms (cough,
fever, chills and blocked sinuses). Had to cancel appts for a week and
slept most of the time.
6 01:XXXX Exhaustion at noon, dragging feeling. RS, but much more exaggerated.
8 00:1400 Much more tired than usual, this afternoon, fighting to stay awake.
Low energy, hypoglycemia
1 36:XXXX Low energy all day.....need sugar after eating, hypoglycemic
8 07:2200 Very hungry at several points today. If I go beyond the point
when I usually eat then somewhat weak and shaky feeling.
8 08:1700 Hungry feeling with weakness and tremulousness with slight
throbbing head pain in temples
8 09:1300 Ravenous feeling comes over me
8 16:2000 Very hungry when didn't fix dinner on time
Heightened energy
3 05:1900 Swim a mile, which is my usual exercise. Feel great, strong in my body. Swim hard. Like
feeling strong. (recurring sx)
3 08:1200 Feel very strong swimming again. Two times in row is unusual. Go hydroplaning
effortlessly past some big muscular guy for lap after lap. Am wondering "Wow, what's in that stuff"?
(recurring sx)
Fat feelings, bloating, water retention
1 05:0900 awake with major water retention. Hands pretty swollen.(NS)
1 09:XXXX I feel fat. Feel like I’ve lost my way.
1 13:2100 Realized in the last 7 -10 days that I don’t like to wear any rings on my fingers, including
wedding ring. Put them away for awhile and it feels fine. They initially made me feel uncomfortable in
the morning with water retention. (NS)
1 16:XXXX No major symptoms except major bloating after vegetarian feast for lunch.
1 25:1800 Feel fat and think I will fast for the day
1 38:XXXX Feel bloated
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (5 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:55 AM] 1 42:XXXX bloated
3 47:1500 Haven't had anything specific outstanding over the last few weeks but wanted to remark
that I have put on weight, am abnormally heavy
9 01XXXX Dreams: Sitting in dark room huddled up in chair. Dark haired woman passed by, said Boy
are you getting fat. I said Oh don’t tell me that.
1 60:XXXX awoke with enlarged gland at collerbone.
1 61:XXXX glands enlarged in neck on right side(3) up to almost behind ear, and in groin area, both
Food desires
1 00:1000 Crave sugar. (OS)
1 09:XXXX My apetite is voracious for mostly sweet things.
1 15:1415 craving sweets.
1 38:XXXX Crave coffee and sugar
1 42:XXXX crave sugar today
3 06:1000 Craving for eggs. Must have egg salad sandwich. (recurring sx)
3 07:1100 Craving for eggs again. I usually crave eggs but only once a month, not two days in a row.
Have scrambled eggs. (recurring sx)
3 09:0745 Am thinking about eggs. MMMM. Want boiled eggs. Just short of hard boiled. (recurring
3 47:1500 for at least two weeks been having daily alcohol cravings to the point where I fantasize
about wine at lunch. I limit myself to one or two wines or beers a day but seem unable to go without
them. (new symptom).\
8 02:1900 Craving for warm food, warm soup
3 01:1020 friend's car breaks down. He's had the car for seven years, it has never broken down before.
I feel morose about it. Different from my usual self. Usually I would look at this as an adventure.
3 01:1030 not as accomodating as usual. Usually will adapt to friends. I usually care, want to be
helpful. Don't give a shit about my friend. Don't want to be here with this stupid broken down car.
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (6 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:55 AM] 3 02:0820 Usually I feel very connected to people around me, enjoy smiling at them. Feel separate
from others. Don't want to be noticed. I usually like to be noticed. Not now. (new symptom)
Feelings of heaviness, fatigue, paralysis
1 01:0100 If I am doing something that should come natural and I am not concentrating, that’s when I
get confused.(NS)
1 09:2000 Feel paralyzed and depressed. Stuff that I should be doing...can’t or won’t do, like balance
the checkbook, laundry, make some business calls for an organization that I’ve become attached to. I
feel anxious, depressed, and lifeless. Just paralyzed.
2 01:0700 Woke up feeling very sad, heavy (OS). Lasted a couple of hours.
2 01:0900 Fuzzy feeling in my head when waking (NS). For 3 hours. Like a cloud in my head, like a
2 08:0700 Woke up with low energy and a slight congestion in my nose, left side. Lasted a few minutes.
Tired all morning and foggy in my brain. Had difficulties staying focused with my patients.
2 10:1000 Sleepy, tired, difficult staying awake during lecture, (got up early in the morning). Lasted
one hour.
3 01:1000 Am feeling very unenthusiastic, morose, paralysed. Have lost my good naturedness. Feel
heavy. Don't want to move. Thoughts are kind of frozen too. Not thinking too much.(NS)
3 01:1400 Leave early from my friend's house because I am so frozen and morose and uninterested in
doing anything. (NS)
4 01:XXXX Feel very spacey. I want to go back to bed, I am very tired.
8 02:0830 Feeling anxious this morning, overwhelmed by all of the things I have to do, feeling like I
can't organize my mind and I won't be able to
accomplish eveything.
8 08:2100 Feeling extremely exhausted and emotionally fragile.
Heightened energy
1 06:1030 Overall feeling .....had more energy today and did some industrious cleaning and
uncluttering of my life for about an hour this morning around 10:30.
1 11:1000 accomplished alot today that I had been putting off for a long time: balanced checkbook,
paid some important bills, returned some needed phone bills. Went to neighbors to give phone number
they needed.
Time too slow
1 01:0100 sensation of time passing too slowly. 15 minutes feels more like an hour (NS)
1 02:1000 still no appetite for breakfast; feeling time passing too slowly (RS)
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (7 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:55 AM] Happiness, optimism, calmness, beauty
1 01:1800 Overall I feel happy. I seem to have more patience with my kids and a much higher level of
frustration, I don’t get easily frustrated.
1 11:900 woke up feeling great.
3 03:0930 Morose feeling starts to lift. Am feeling just very deeply relaxed. Quiet. Kind of zen-like. A
quiet joy. When the state was very intense, it was too much, kind of paralytic, but when it lightened up
it was nice to have a bit of stillness physically and emotionally. Makes me realize how nervous I
usually am in retrospect (NS)
3 03:1030 Feel really great. Can't believe it's turned around. Can't believe less than two hours ago I
was considering quitting the proving. (NS)
3 04:1500 Still feeling happy and zen-like today, but feeling a little tired. (recurring sx)
3 05:0700 Riding the bus to work, I look at all the peopleon the bus and they look so beautiful. I only
see their good and I feel as if I love them all. I feel joyous, radiant and expansive, yet calm at the same
time. (NS)
3 05:1200 describe my expansive state and well up with tears of joy. I am so grateful that the remedy is
opening my heart. (NS)
3 06:1400 Receive gifts and cards in the mail from my family for my birthday. Am very touched. Feel
tearful with love for them. (new sx)
6 02:XXXX Relaxed feeling about cases unfinished and time to call supervisor. (NS) (I am much more
anxious usually about matters like this)
6 03:XXXX I do feel I have more self confidence and increased self will. I do not have the anxious
feelings, wishy-washy etc.
6 04:XXXX Emotionally I feel really good, no anxiety, there is a calm
confidence, relaxed feeling, it is OK to give importance to my needs.
6 05:XXXX Decide to skip meeting but instead of usual guilty feelings, feel
more relaxed and confident about decision.
6 11:XXXX I am noticing that I am choosing to not go to many of my
commitments (most of the commitment are in the evening). I generally will
not cancel and keep my commitments. If I do not go then I will usually be
hard on myself and feel terribly guilty. Now I am okay with the slower pace and almost feel that this is
the way it should be. There is not reason for me to feel guilty. I like it.
8 00:1230 my distance vision, which has been declining over the past year or two, seems markedly
improved. I can see things more clearly in the distance than I have been able to in a while. This is
making me feel optimistic and happy, like something really good is happening to me.
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (8 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:55 AM] 8 01:0600 dream fragment: under a tree, near a lake, calm and peaceful
8 04:0700 Dream: Two women are getting married. Everything is very beautiful, the dream is really
about these sensory impressions: peoples’ clothes, flowers everywhere, the wedding takes place out in
the front yard. Everything is very beautiful. Inside the house there is lots of food, dishes, much
abundance. The feeling is of lots of beauty and abundance.
Mistakes, forgetfulness, confusion
1 00:1000 I was in a store and dropped something and couldn't quite get the jelly beans out of the
container with the scoop. Paid for them and realized I was still holding the scoop. I felt very "spacey"
and my head kind of heavy. I went to another store and thought I had lost something, but hadn't...the
clerk found it for me.(NS)
1 00:1000 Afraid that I will make a foolish mistake that could hurt someone.
1 00:1230 I went to the bank and wrote on my check for cash cah, forgetting the is. Feel like I should
not be operating heavy machinery, ie. my car. (NS)
1 01:1200 wrote a check wrong again today.
1 01:1800 Went to get into my car and thought it belonged to someone else and started to walk away
until my son confirmed it was our car. My son’s (he’s 14) observation was, Mom, you’re getting
confused when you have to concentrate.
1 10:1900 speaking to Gary and said something with words completely out of order...all of the words
were there, just in the wrong order.
1 12:12:00 spoke backwards again paper get car drive
1 02:1500 have trouble focusing to read article in magazine
1 02:1900 Feeling that I was not as confused today as 2 previous days until I kept trying to turn off my
windshield wipers and it turns out that I had turned off my headlights instead
1 05:1700 cooking in kitchen, went to put cheese board (appetizer) together and realized that I was
wearing an oven mitt. I’d forgotten to take the potatoes out of the oven which was why I had on oven
mit. Mind is either moving very quickly or my short term memory is shot.
1 10:1000 went upstairs to get something came right back down forgetting the reason I went up there.
Sitting with a friend at computer working on remedy and forgot whether I had looked up the remedy or
1 15:1330 Went to bank without checkbook. Had it in my hand and forgot it 1 30:XXXX Several stupid
mix-ups, like at the beginning of taking remedy. Put cereal in refrigerator instead of cabinet. Went to
refrigerator to get something had to close it and go back to cooking at the stove in order to recall what
I needed.
1 43:XXXX Lost several things...went to store with out checkbook, post office forgot mail, etc.
3 06:1600 Am rewriting some notes and realize that I don't seem to be able to spell at all. I'm usually a
good speller, I always had a knack for it. There seem to be a lot of words I can't spell or at least I don't
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (9 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:55 AM] feel sure of the spelling. (NS)
3 07:1510 I see a sign for two towns that I have known for years. The sign reads, "Allston-Brighton". I
read it out loud to myself, "Allton-Blighton". Knowing that sounds wrong, I try out loud again and
again, "Allton-Blighton". After three wrong pronunciations, I am finally able to say it correctly. Later
in the proving this happens several times only with different words in different situations.(NS)
3 08:1230 Am confused about the combination on the lock of my locker which I have had for years.
Takes me a few minutes to figure it out. (NS)
7 04:0400 Dream that I was at a religious community run by an orthodox
rabbi. I was a visitor to the community, not a member. The community made
money by holding auctions. The rabbi was also the auctioneer and had a
large auction barn. I was unable find my car to leave. I wandered the parking lot for a long time.
Finally I found my car and left.
8 04:XXXX I pulled into a gas station and pulled up with wrong side of the car towards the pump. it is
very unusual for me to make this kind of spatial mistake. When the attendant pointed it out I felt
confused and disoriented. I wondered if I had been making goofy mistakes all day.
8 05:2000 Made a wrong turn on a well known street. Also took a wrong turn in a building that is very
familiar and it took me a moment to realize my
mistake, a great sense of confusion.
Sexual dreams
1 03:0930 ...Another dream; I was younger and had a boyfriend who lived across the street and I went
over to see him for a kiss . He kissed me
2 05:0900 Sexual dreams (OS): seduced by an x-lover, it was wonderful!
Felt fine all day.
3 09:0700 Have this bizarre semi-erotic dream. I'm in this apartment with these two women, only they
don't know I'm there, I think I'm behind the couch or something. They are two women that I have
known remotely in my past. There's a narrator reading as if it's a film. One woman is trying to
seduce the other, I kind of figure they're both into it. The narrator is talking about her breast and
describing it in a very erotic way. I'm very interested. The narrator comments enticingly on one
woman's breast being very swollen because she has gained weight. When I realize that one woman is
not interested in gay sex I hang out in the apartment that day waiting for them to return and have a
plan to aggressively seduce the interested woman. (NS)
3 14:0800 In the third dream I had last night, my host in real life, who is very good looking but much
younger and who I don't actually feel attracted to in real life, wants to seduce me and he is kissing me
and trying to take off my shirt. (NS).
3 22:0800 Had a dream that I had a penis and a close female friend of mine also had a penis and we are
having sex face to face. Wake up pondering the strangeness of the dreams and the logistics of such a
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (10 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] sexual act.
Dreams of Pregnancy
1 17:XXXX Had a dream that I was pregnant. It was nice. That’s all I remember about it.
3 04:0700 Had another dream last night that I was pregnant. Actually, because of my period being late
before, this possiblity had been in my mind. In the dream, I went in for a pregnancy test but the way
they performed the test was somehow using sperm and they made a mistake and made me pregnant
with the sperm. I never thought I could stop a pregnancy but in the dream I thought I had to because I
didn't know whose sperm it was. I decided to abort the baby. (NS)
Dreams about evil, being unsafe
3 14:0800 Second dream was that my body was suspended in the air and was filled with light and
energy. In the dream I thought it was my body's way of healing itself but later in the dream wondered if
it was instead an evil power possessing me. (NS).
3 20:0800 Had a dream last night that I walk into a room to find two young children who are silent and
I see that one is mostly naked and her clothes are torn and her body is bloody and the horror of the
realization that she has been raped chills me. (NS).
3 21:0800 Had a dream last night. there was a wedding going on downstairs in the house that I am in.
I go upstairs and observe an open window with feet flying out the window. Just at that moment I
realize that it is a young adolescent boy who is trying to commit suicide. I see a figure grab his feet at
the last second to save the boy. The figure looks evil, he is wearing a white mask with blue carved
eyes that jut out from the mask and he looks very scary but he has saved the boy. After he pulls the
boy in, the dream shoots like a movie to a garage door outside on the ground level. I can see a large
"photo-montage", superimposed on the garage door, a black and white picture of a young girl, maybe
7 or 8, very pretty, innocent looking with dark curls (she is alive as if she is a movie clip) and I feel a
very deep terror at the realization in the dream that she is the evil force who tried to lure out the boy to
kill himself. I wake up very very frightened. Normally I often hear music which seems very beautiful,
like all the molecules of the world that are charged. When I awake the volume has increased tenfold on
this music and it is clamoring in my ears and I fell a cold horror that this music could be nothing at all,
have no spiritual connection at all. I am very upset by the whole experience. In retrospect, the dream
for me showed that what seems evil can be good and what seems good can be evil. (NS).
8 29:0700 dream: I am walking on a campus towards the hospital. For some reason I am not
authorized to enter, but decide to anyway. I do not have any sinister purpose, I just want to enter, I
think I am in the role of a medical student. As I enter I see the Dean, or some such authority figure. I
know he could throw me out if he notices I am an unauthorized person, but I adopt an air of
confidence, like I belong there, and just walk past him successfully. I enter the bathroom and this is
where the horrific part starts. There are three stalls and in each stall are women with either shit, or
blood, or a mixture of the two smeared all over them, reddish-brown color, very vivid. it is like a
disaster scene. And all I wanted to do was use the toilet. I feel repulsed and horrified, but also wonder
what needs to be done to help. Then I woke up. I felt really grossed out. it took me an hour to get back
to sleep
8 43:0600 dream: a very strange dream: Somehow I become part of a strange plot. I receive some
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (11 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] instructions about putting some liquid into a muffin and putting in a certain place where someone will
pick it up. If I don’t comply, something bad will happen to me. I am finding a syringe to put on the
liquid on the muffin, and doing the required questionnaire/paperwork. Other doctors and nurses try to
see what I am doing, but I conceal it. Later on I am instructed by cell phone to walk in a certain area
holding a box with some of the equipment. I am picked up by a station wagon with a number of black
people inside. Some women I know see me getting into the car and wonder what I am doing. Inside is
the man who ate the muffin. He has been told he took an extract of some sort that will promote health
and well being, but what he has really taken is the AIDS virus. The people in the car are going to be
filming a documentary of his downfall, and he thinks he will be filmed becoming more healthy. I ask
the bad guys how long the documentary will take to make and they say about 5 years. I know the man
will die in 5 years.
feeling: pissed off at the bad guys and powerless to do anything about their evil plot. Feeling of being
trapped into someone else’s plot and being out of control.
8 01:0600 Dream about being in a freight elevator in a basement and sense of not being quite safe.
8 27:0800 Dream about being in an area in the inner city. Look across the
street and see a man who is a monk of some sort. his costume or habit is
made of some sort of brush or grass which makes him look like broom with a
head on top, almost like a cartoon character. He is also moving with a type of sweeping motion. He
appears very angry and agitated. He is helping to evacuate men from a nursing home or something
perhaps because of terrorist threats. The whole situation feels dangerous and unsafe
8 30:0700 Dream that I am making a phone call but instead of reaching the person I m calling I reach
some men who are part of the phone police. My call got routed to them because the person I'm calling
has a large outstanding phone bill and they are trying to track her down (in reality, one of my patients
has such a bill). Suddenly I'm standing in front of these two men who look like FBI types, black suit,
very straight. A bird flies overhead and shits on one of the men's heads, the shit looks like a thin garden
slug. I think to myself, "yeah, all right!" The bird is about to circle around and drop another turd on
the other man’s head but I wake up.
8 03XXXX Dream of a war scene of spy scene. I am in the ocean and there are ships and planes
around. I am a soldier or spy and I 'm being shot at. I have some equipment in the water with me to
help me stay safe and I keep losing it and floating away.
My feeling is defiant. I won't let the bastards get me.
Ancient times, far away places, place or origin, nostalgia
3 03:0700 Had a dream last night about a neighborhood I used to live in in Boston 17 years ago. I have
never dreamed about this neighborhood. I am in a local cafe and I realize that Asians, mostly Chinese
and Taiwanese have become a major force in the neighborhood. This is very interesting to me in the
dream as I have lived in both those countries in real life. (NS)
3 23:0800 Had a dream last night that I was with a lot of people in a kind of an ancient enlosed stone
city. A child comes running into the courtyard that we are congregated in and is visibly upset. The
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (12 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] child cries, "fire, fire"! I go out to look and there is, indeed, a wall of liquid fire, maybe lava? slowly
moving towards us. As the city is enclosed, we have nowhere to run to and I realize that we will all
die within ten minutes. I am not afraid to die in the dream. (NS).
3 24:0800 Had a dream last night that I was a woman in a very ancient time and I have a male child
between 6 months and a year that I am carrying closely. I feel a deep loving bond to the child. The
child has a goatee which I do not find strange in the dream. We are being led away to safety by some
type of man. He has long white robes and I'm not sure if he is a very wise, kind real man or if he is a
kind of spirit. Regardless, he is our protector. Later, my friend tells me that in ancient Egypt, they did
apply stick-on goatees to male children (infants)? I did not verify this through research but found it
very interesting. The feeling state in the dream is about the deep connected feeling I have to the child.
4 01:XXXX Dream: About building houses on a hill. It was a foreign land. Looked like China.
Houses were on a hill. I felt very confident.
4 02:XXXX Dream about a foreign country.
6 01:XXXX Dream: My mom was being interviewed on radio in India about what it means to a mom
when her daughter moves to a far-away place. I could listen to her from my home in the U.S. I was so
glad to hear mom’s voice, even though little painful. I definitely am missing mom. RS
6 01:XXXX Feelings of missing family and wanting to connect with them.
6 05:XXXX Dreams of sister visiting and sister-in-law visiting. Dreams of India
6 06:XXXX Dreams: Best friend in India is teaching me how to sew. She has made these two beautiful
gowns and I notice how beautiful they are.
6 11:XXXX Dream the whole family has gone to India. I am nauseated at the thought of air travel and I
have to leave to go somewhere by air again and I am telling my mom that I don't want to go as I am
crying. My mom is very understanding and is saying everything will be okay, don't worry and don't
8 53:0700 dream: I am in India to attend a homeopathic seminar. A well known homeopath is there,
he will probably be leading the seminar. We are all outside, the sun is shining, the colors are bright,
many people are milling about, but I am not interacting with them. I step inside an arcade-like area to
do some shopping. I need to go to the toilet but there is an extremely long line waiting to get in. I feel
frustrated by that.
Dreams of food
8 17:1600 dream: I am at some type of gathering, a sort of convention of hippie-type people, kind of
like Woodstock, but not quite. I am wandering about trying to decide which activities to do, what and
where to eat. At the end of the dream I am choosing food from a sort of smorgasbord, I am very
hungry. (somewhat of a typical dream for me, except for the part about the food)
8 17:1600 dream fragment: I buy a piece of cake and other foods at a cafeteria line, but someone else
takes my piece of cake. When I find her she has already eaten it and is sitting there with the empty bag.
I say I bet it was good, wasn’t it? The cafeteria worker tries to get me to take another kind of cake, but
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (13 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] I refuse and ask for my money back.
8 28:0800 dream fragment: in an ice cream parlor, the owner of the parlor is trying to decide what ice
cream flavors to carry, how to furnish the place.
8 40:0600 dream: I am in a cafe. I sit at a table and someone I know is next to me. She orders up
different kinds of breads and pastries and she tries to get me to eat portions. The owner/chef is the actor
Samuel Jackson, he is across the room behind the counter. He talks to me across the noisy room, I tell
him some my sister is coming into town soon and then I will be leaving. There is lots of food in this
dream, lots of food I can see.
8 44:0700 dream: I come into a place which is like a combination, gallery- museum-antique shop, a big
barn-like loft or attic (upstairs, the stairs are on the outside of the building). There are many objects on
display, things look old and valuable. All the objects are made of dark chocolate. They look like
polished ebony. I am in the shop starting to learn how to make the special chocolate objects. There is
a very specialized technique involved which must be learned, sort of like an apprenticeship. .
Concealment or deception
6 03XXXX Dream of being in a store and see a new lipstick on the shelf and put it into my purse with
the intention if I want to pay for it I will at the check out. At the line a woman tells me to go to the
office to get my purse checked and I decide to wait in the express line and pay for it before I go to the
office to get the purse checked. Quite a bit of time has passed and still the line is not moving. I feel
impatient. I ask the people who are ahead of me and they say "Oh the line really starts over there." I
want to somehow duck the people but do not want to be too obnoxious. I am also aware that I need to
go in that office. I am feeling that maybe I can tell them that I put it (lipstick) in my purse but I was
going to pay for it at the checkout. I want to make sure that my story is convincing enough.
6 06XXXX Start diet then cheat by eating mango cheesecake. Feel no remorse. Husband comes
home and I ask him "What did you do?" (as if he was the one who committed some crime or done
something when it was me who cheated and ate the cake).
7 02:0400 Dreamt I was a dentist. I was about to work on someone's teeth
and then I told him I wasn't really a dentist and didn't know what I was doing. He said "OK" and left.
Feelings of disinhibition, exposure
6 10:XXXX Dream I am at work and I have to go to the bathroom and get up to wipe myself and see
that my client can see through and is looking at my hairy genital area. I am more surprised than
ashamed. A little embarrassed I go behind the wall.
8 03:2300 Last night I had to scratch my crotch and I just did it even though I was in a public place and
someone could have seen me. I was almost amused at the idea of someone seeing me and did not have
the usual sense of modesty.
1 01:0900 Sitting in coffee shop and fan above right eye line makes me dizzy for a short while.
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (14 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] 1 02:1500 feel a bit dizzy
1 05:2300 my head is very itchy....actually the last few nights I have had an itchy scalp before bed(RS)
1 00:1230-0300 I was home and could not get off of the couch. I had a left sided headache behind my
eye. Overall my symptoms seem to be in my head with a heavy "foggy" feeling. It forces me to pay
close attention to what I am doing. Headache gone now had for several hours. (NS)
1 01:0100 there feels like there is a headache waiting to emerge behind my eyes. (NS)
1 13:0700 awake with bad headache behind left eye.(NS) It disappeared in a short while (congestion)
2 12:1000 Headache across the forehead, mild now, feels better to hold hands on it, because hand is
cold, > rubbing, > pressure, but it doesn’t take away the pain.
2 12:0700 Mild headache, keeps changing locations (NS), roaming around. Started in back of head.
2 12:1330 Still pain in forehead
7 02:0300 Awaken with splitting frontal headache (NS)
2 03:1715 Right upper eyelid started twitching (during a consultation) (NS). Lasted 10 seconds.
2 03:2315 Right eyelid started twitching again for 10 seconds (NS).
2 8:2100 Mild throbbing in right eye, went away after a few seconds.

Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (15 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] NOSE
1 06:2200 Skin on nose broken out
1 48:XXXX Pimples on nose
2 09:0700 This morning right nostril still stuffy, left clear. Sounded more congested than she was.
2 10:0530 Congestive symptoms in nose have diminished, comes and goes for brief episodes during the
day, right nostril a bit stuffy, left clear.
2 11:1000 Mild congestion in right nostril again. Lasted a few minutes. Felt fine the rest of the day.
2 8:2100 Right nostril stuffy, left clear.
2 26:1530 Slight burning sensation in right nostril, sniffly, passes quickly.
2 26:1800 Soreness in right nostril again.
6 05XXXX Nostrils red and flaky
1 02:0925 rash under chin on left(NS)
1 04:2200 leftside of face bumpy by jawline- itchy bumps length of jaw, (NS)
1 07:1900 It did occur to me that this little pimple that is below my bottom lip has been there for 4 or 5
days and something I have never had before (NS)
1 09:2000 left corner of my mouth is cracked where the 2 lips join(NS)
1 33:XXXX Right side of face broken out by hairline itchy rash.(NS)
6 08:XXXX Rash around left side of mouth and right side of cheek and around nostrils more
6 09:XXXX Rash continues to be around mouth and right cheek and nostrils
6 04XXXX Left side angle of lip itchy and flaky
02:0830 Eruptions in the corner of mouth, cracks feel dry and irritated
8 03:2300 Dry lips, with peeling skin. Urge to pick and bite at the skin.
Had to apply moistener.
8 08:1700 Crack at the left corner of mouth reappearing (had resolved) with roughness at the lining
inside the corner.
1 31:XXXX feels like I am getting a canker sore inside bottom lip.
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (16 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] 2 15:XXXX Mild swelling and mild pain inside left cheek (NS).
8 01:2100 Skin inside corners of lips (mucosa) feels eroded and chafed,
extends to the angles of the mouth, looks a little red
8 13:2200 Inside of mouth feels raw and sore
1 01:2230 feel like I am getting a sore throat with thin mucus running down back of my throat. Very
2 08:2100 Throat started hurting, nose running, burning sensation in nostrils. Lasted a few minutes.
2 03:0900 Thickening in throat, like mucus (NS). Has to clear throat frequently. (Still so at 1300)
2 08:2330 A lot of mucus in the throat, like before, but more. Had to clear the throat, felt like mucus
was clogging throat.
6 09:0300 Sore throat, tempted to use listerine but did not.
6 16XXXX I came down with sore throat, cough, fever, chills, tired. Son
and husband sick the week before. Took a dose of constitutional remedy.
8 01:1700 mild sore throat across the back of soft palate, feel slightly raw
and burning, extends to left ear (Old recurring symptom)
8 03:2300 Throat mildly sore on palate, between tonsils, slightly swollen
and slight raw feeling.
8 12:1700 Phlegm in the back of the throat with the need to clear
8 16:1900 Scratchy throat, pain radiating to the left ear
2 25:XXXX Wart-like pimple on front neck.
2 28:XXXX Wart-like pimple on throat the same.
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (17 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] 1 13:1330 felt nauseous..almost like mornign sickness. Lasted 1/2 hr.
1 13:1600 more nausea. Seems to happen in the house. Fresh air makes it disappear.
1 13:20:00 more nausea
1 14:2400 nauseous again, feels hormonal
1 15:1415 nauseaus
1 34:1100 Nausea(RS)
1 1400:XXXX Nausea(RS)
1 35:1530 -1615 Nausea while riding in car- feels hormonal- felt better when I ate
1 41:1615 nausea lasted 5 minutes
1 50:2300 cramping in stomach
4 02:XXXX Feel nauseous
1 12:1700 pain like knife in abdomen. Lasted for about 10 minutes. Never felt like this before. (NS)
3 03:0900 Am thinking about my period. Before I took the remedy, it was late which is very unusual.
But now it is lasting 6 or 7 days. It's never more than five days (new symptom)
3 04:1000 Period is still flowing. This is day 8! (recurring sx).
3 05:1200 I call my homeopath because I am worried about the bleeding. This is the ninth day of my
period. I feel it's OK but would like to be reassured. He says it's common with provings and I should
look at it as a "spring cleaning".
3 05:1400 The blood of my period is very bright red, almost hot pink, chartreuse. There aren't really
clots but there are stringy thicker streaks of darker blood. I wish I would stop bleeding! I feel out of
control because my body is acting so differently than usual. Am a little freaked out that I've been
bleeding for nine days. (NS)
3 08:1700 Period is still flowing. The blood is kind of viscous, slippery. Is a light, steady flow. This is
the twelfth day. (recurring sx).
3 08:1700 Become aware of the fact that the menstrual blood has an unusual fishy odor. (NS)
3 07:1200 Period is now going on 11 days. Am OK with it but wish it would stop. Figure it's OK
because I feel really good in general. (recurring sx)
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (18 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] 3 13:0900 When I wake up in the morning, I realize that my period has finally stopped flowing after 2
weeks. Feel very grateful. (NS)
3 19:0700 Period has resumed after a week hiatus. This period proves to be normal albeit heavy.
Ends up lasting five days. (old symptom).
8 04:1900 I realized that today the area of my pubic hair has been itching on and off.
8 04:2100 Stitching pain in left ovary, worse motion and better firm pressure
8 05:2000 Pain in right ovarian area that has come and gone all day. Sharp and sensitivie, less stabbing
than yesterday.
8 10:2200 Fleeting pains in the ovaries
6 09:0041 Deep cough
6 16XXXX I came down with sore throat, cough, fever, chills, tired. Son
and husband sick the week before. Took a dose of constitutional remedy.
4 02:XXXX Speech is very hard. Slurring words.
8 02:0830 A few itching eruptions on trunk, like flea bites
3 01:1530 Am feeling lots of energy and electricity rushing from my solar plexus upward through my
heart. My heart is very activated. I often feel electric but not in this way. (new symptom)
3 03:1030 My heart is very activated with rushing electrical currents. (recurring symptom)
Coriandrum Proving
file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (19 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] 8 02:0830 Anxiety in the chest, verging on palpitations, heart beat felt rapid. Chilliness with the
8 02:0830 During the day, if i paid attention to it, I noticed that my heart beat felt rapid.
1 32:1400 pain in back between shoulder blades from spending several hours on cold and windy soccer
fields I guess.
1 45 Back pain severe today in between shoulder blades. Much lifting and stress.
2 09:2300 Lower back, across lower lumbar region, started hurting (1-2) (NS). Has had pack pain
earlier, but not like this. Lasted about 10 minutes.
2 12:1000 Backache, sharp pain (4-5), started again. Lower left side, down left buttock. The pain was
worse than before. < bending over, < rising from sitting., < lifting, > rubbing. Feels like an injury. It
reminds a little of a symptom she has had 2 - 3 times in her life, a long time ago. The last time was 1
years ago.
2 12:1330 Still pain in back
2 13:XXXX Backache all day, left side, lower back and left buttock. Sore (4-5), pulling sensation.
Much worse bending over.
2 14:XXXX Backache (4-5) all day, left side, lower back and buttock. Sore, painful, < standing, < lifting. 2 17:0800 Backache more painful (4-5), sharper, sore, above left buttock and below waist (SIPS) and base of spine. 2 17:1500 After stretching and jogging 3 miles my back feels better. Usually I feel worse after exercise. 2 17:2200 Back pain mild, almost gone. 2 15:XXXX Backache worse throughout the morning, but better as the day progressed. 2 16:0800 Backache sore, painful (3). 2 16:1400 Pain is sharper, especially at base of spine, the tail. It’s painful walking. 2 19:1100 Lower back discomfort noticeable, but not bad. Otherwise felt fine. 4 25:XXXX 4 days After 2nd dose: Sharp pain between shoulder blades could hardly move-resolved the next day. 8 01:0600 Slight stiffness and pain in right mid back 8 03:2300 Mid to upper back somewhat stiff, sore and achy Coriandrum Proving file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (20 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] Shoulder blade 1 07:2300 Have an unusual burning pain in left shoulder blade. If I touch it it feels bruised, but it also itches.(NS) 1 19:1430 dull pain in left shoulder blade. 1 20:0800 numbness in right scapula 1 61:XXXX Felt the same today except felt it in right scapula or below right shoulderblade. Also felt that same crawling under the skin thing there that I have head throughout proving. EXTREMITIES 1 02:0815 cramp behing left knee lasts 5 or 10 minutes(NS) 1 02:1230 pain behind left knee again(RS) 1 03:1000 Still feel pain in back of left knee ocassionally and when I stand up.(RS) 1 20:0800 (NS) plantar’s wart now on left foot in addition to one for 5 years on right foot(NS) 1 22:XXXX occasionally still feel tingling sensation in right shoulder.(NS) 1 22:2230 feels like cool breeze on right shoulder. If I apply pressure it disappears(NS) 1 26:1330 feel that right shoulder shiver again 1 39 Both feet hurt where there is plantar’s wart. It hurts to walk barefoot on both warts. They throb at night before sleeping.(NS) 1 60:XXXX Felt like pulled muscle with restricted movement in right arm. I couldn’t drive with both hands and had a hard time raising my arm to take off shirt. Treated it with warm compresses. 2 01:1800 Sharp pain (3-4) in right knee (NS), like a pin stuck in my knee, < movement, pain only on moving. 2 02:0900 Pain in right knee persists, but to a lesser degree, sore not sharp. 2 02:1900 Knee pain >
2 03:2315 The tip of my left thumb started throbbing, lasted 2 minutes (NS). When I looked at my
thumb I saw a pimple on my left palm. Like a wart
2 04:0900 Right knee sore pain (2) in the morning, when I started moving around, in the same place as
"the pin pain" , but less strong. It appeared with movement, < from pressure. 2 04:0900 Right forearm, outer side, by elbow, hurt with movement. Deep achy pain (4-5) (RS). (Has had this pain since a few months, on and off, but this time it was much worse.) 2 04:1400 The pimple on the palm is almost gone. Coriandrum Proving file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (21 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] The knee pain is gone. The arm pain is better. 2 10:0600 Splinter like pain at the sole of left foot (NS), as if she had stepped on a pin. It was as if it was still there, but nothing was there. It was a sharp pain, painful to walk on it, couldn’t walk, but rubbing on it didn’t hurt. Lasted about 10 minutes. 2 13:XXXX Wart-like pimple on left palm. 2 23:XXXX Felt fine all day, except for a rash on left hand (NS), between the wrist and the thumb, 1 - 1_ ". At first I thought it was a bug bite, but there were two bumps. More small bumps appeared, so it became more like a rash. It was very itchy. The colour was pink. 2 33:1100 Rash on hand is smaller - still pink with a darker red spot near the center of a blister as if that was a puncture point. 2 26:1800 Thighs hurt (NS), sore muscles like I had rode a horse for a long time (but I hadn’t). Legs felt a bit heavy when I went out for a run so I just walked which felt fine, but thighs hurt more than prior to walking. Worse upon rising and walking initially. 2 27:XXXX Rash on left hand continues to be itchy and looks like blisters - pink, raised bumps - itchier in hot water but itching is relieved after. All else is well. 3 00:2000 feel heavy, aching pain in left wrist (new symptom) 6 01:XXXX Legs ache and I am wondering if they are adjusting to my increase in running time or is this a proving symptom? 6 02:XXXX I am aware of pain in my leg in middle of night. Body so utterly heavy especially legs. I am used to running but I just have to drag myself out by pushing myself. (NS) 6 03 Legs heavy. I want to run but I can’t. I still have a dragging feeling as if legs are heavy. When I exercised today I walked 3/4 way and ran 1/4 way. Usually it is the opposite. 6 04:XXXX Legs heavy, achy, when I sit, I want to rub them 6 05:1730 As I was driving felt a deep sharp stitching pain in left shoulder (RS) 6 10XXXX Lying on floor and felt pain in left shoulder. When I got off the floor it disappeared 8 27:0800 Something I realized today is that I had itching on the inner thighs with some pimple like eruptions around the hair follicles. Annoying and I find myself needing to scratch at inopportune moments an wonder if someone will see me and think I'm doing something gross or perverted. Coriandrum Proving file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (22 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] CHILL 2 08:0700 Chilly since I woke up. Like this until1500. 8 02:0830 During the day I felt chilled intermittently 8 04:1900 flushes of heat and cold w/o real extremes of temperature externally. I carried a bottle of water a few feet and had a heat flush. I was sitting in a restaurant and had a chill. PERSPIRATION 2 11:0230 Severe night sweats, back of head, neck soaked. Torso and legs wet. Had to change. (RS) 2 11:0700 Woke up, very wet again. Like before. 2 12:0530 Night sweats woke me up - soaked - back of neck and torso, but I was not hot, it was not hot flushes. 2 12:0700 Woke up moist, but not soaked. 2 30:0330 Night sweats bad. 2 30:0600 Woke up in sweat again. SKIN 1 04:2200 skin acually better than usual with no spots on nose 1 37:XXXX Lots of small bites on right leg and foot (NS) Itchy 2 24:XXXX Still have the rash, itchy. Did put Calendula-gel on it, which took away the itching, but not the rash. I wouldn’t have been able not to scratch if I wouldn’t have used the gel. 2 25:XXXX Rash is the same. Not as itchy. Energy fine. 2 26:XXXX Rash persists. Otherwise I feel fine. 2 28:XXXX Rash is the same - looks and feels like poison ivy - very itchy and annoying, but it hasn’t spread. 2 29:XXXX Rash definitely looks and feels like poison ivy - looks like an embryo that’s in the 16 cell stage - lumpy blisters - itchy, annoying and ugly. 2 32:22XX Rash still persists and is still itchy, but looks a little smaller. Wartlike pimple on throat is still there. Spot on left palm almost gone. There are similar little bumps as part of the rash on my hand. 2 34:XXXX Rash is smaller. However, when I scratched near it, little bubbles and red spots erupted on my hand where I had scratched. I was afraid it was going to blister, but it faded by the end of the day. Coriandrum Proving file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (23 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] 2 35:XXXX Rash is fading - finally not itchy - still raised and creepy looking. Energy is fine. 2 36:XXXX Rash is slowly getting smaller - not itchy. Feeling fine. 2 37:XXXX Rash continues to get smaller. Feeling fine. 2 38:XXXX Rash smaller. Feeling fine. 2 30:22XX Rash is still itchy, but looks a little smaller - still pink, raised blisters, < touch, water. 2 31:0700 Woke up with the rash itching. 2 31:21XX Rash is a little smaller - itchier towards evening - still looks gross - pink and blistered. 5 01:1045 Itching all over. I feel very jittery. Trying to do paperwork is really hard. 5 02:2030 Intense itching in the whole body began. (NS) 5 03:1100 Intense itching continued. Most noticeable in the forearms and legs, especially the thighs and calves (NS) 5 04:0800 Itching continues, non-stop. Scratching is unavoidable. 5 05:0700 Itching continues. Redness appears in upper frontal part of the 5 06:1200 Maddening itching at work, especially in the forearms. Went to buy Cliniques soothing cream for upset skin(anti-itch cream) and found some relief. 5 07:1900 At a group function started scratching in front of people. It was an unconscious action, which was noted by prover when people started to look at her in a funny way. 5 08:1000 At work, co-workers are becoming aware of itching problem and are giving permission to the prover to scratch. Prover is trying her best not to scratch. 5 09:1300 Itching continues, despite the application of anti-itch cream. 5 10:1500 Redness in the area scratched. It seems that the more scratching is done, the more itching is felt. 5 11:1700 Alot of itching in the scalp and face, as well as the rest of the body. 5 12:1900 Generalized itching continues. 5 13:1400 Itching is more intense in the legs today, but seems to be less in the rest of the body. 5 14:1800 Itching continues mostly in the calves. 5 15:2000 The intensity of the itching is diminishing. 5 16:2300 Today, not much scratching done. Coriandrum Proving file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (24 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM] 5 17:2000 I find that I don't need to apply the anti-itch cream as often as I used to. 5 18:2300 No significant itch felt. 6 05XXXX Usually have hives every evening but have cleared since starting the proving 5 days ago. (Resolution of existing symptom) 7 07:0800 Complete resolution of intense itching of the abdomen. Intense itching had begun one month before beginning of proving. (Resolution of existing symptom) 8 31:1700 Today I have felt itchy, especially under my nose, my back, my right nipple area. I wonder if I got flea bites. There are some small eruptions on my back. Coriandrum Proving file:///D|/kris/lum/Coriandrum_Proving.htm (25 of 25) [2/14/2000 9:58:56 AM]