Banisteriopsis caapi

Описание и показания к применению гомеопатического препарата Айваска, Banisteriopsis caapi

Лиана мертвых – обладает психоактивным действием. Используется в культовых обрядах у индейцах амазонки, шаманами. Вызывает эффекты, напоминающие телепатию. Во время приема поднимаются самые глубокие слои подсознания, наши страхи и переживания. Это препарат убийц, которые доводят других до инфаркта, инсульта. В их близком окружении люди умирают от сосудистых катастроф. Они могут часами врать и при этом чувствуют себя хорошо. На допросе врут, шутят, не нервничают, не потеют и это очень запутывает следователя. Используется при сглазе, порче – латает дыры в биополе.

Препарат связан с криминальным миром. Ищут места силы, с энергией.

Главная тема – смерть. Стремление к чистому и высокому идеалу и невыносимый стыд, что достичь этого не удается. Жалость к себе. Потеря самоидентификации. Страх не соответствовать надеждам своих родителей. Сильное чувство вины за притворство и ложь.

Показания: тяжелая психотравма, смерть родных. Психологическая зависимость от матери. Депрессия. Рассеянный склероз. Эписиндром. Паркинсонизм. Энцефалит. Страшные сны: волки, катастрофы, насилие, гибель близких.


PHARMACY - bani-c. Banisteriopsis caapi. Ayahuasca. Spirit Vine. Yagé. Psychotria viridis. N. O. Malpighiaceae. South America. Amazon. Historical dose: All potencies.

CLINICAL - AIDS. Allergies. Asthma. Autism. Cancer. Chronic, fatigue. Clairvoyance. Delusions. Digestive, problems. Drug, abuse. Emphysema. Hallucinations. Insomnia. Kyphosis. Malnutrition. Nausea. Numbness. Parkinson's, disease. Scoliosis. Sexual, abuse. Vomiting. Worms.

HERBAL - Ayahuasca, commonly called yagé, or yajé in Colombia. Ayahuasca in Ecuador and Peru. Inca "vine of the dead, vine of the souls," aya means in Quechua "spirit," "ancestor," "dead person," while huasca means "vine," "rope," and caapi in Brazil. Ayahuasca brew is prepared from segments of a species of the vine Banisteriopsis, a genus belonging to the Malpighiaceae.

HOMEOPATHIC - Tiredness, exhaustion, debility. Unable to move from tiredness. Shakiness and disorientation. Unable to recover one's energy with rest. Feelings of detachment, poor memory and vagueness with the exhaustion. Rushes of energy which are associated with raised heartbeat and that cause some anxiety. Heightened sensitivity of all senses, mostly vision and hearing.
Muscular soreness and weakness from tiredness. Limbs go to sleep, pins and needles sensations. Tightness, tingling, aching, and drawing in the spine. Numbness and general malaise. Anesthesia. Muscle wastage. Tissue necrosis. Easy dislocation of joints. Crumbling of bone tissue.
Digestive tract malfunction. Poor assimilation and metabolism. Imbalance of bowel flora causing psychological symptoms such as depression. Pains can be sharp, sudden on appearance and quick to go, tend to be worse night. Autism. Ailments from injuries, worse spine or the head. AIDS. Cancer. Chronic fatigue. Parkinson's disease. Strong history of drug abuse. Multiple allergy syndrome.

MIND - Confusion of mind. Cannot think straight. Difficult concentration, comprehension. Dullness, sluggishness. Mistakes about time. Memory weakness. Forgetfulness. Thoughts intrude and crowd around each other. Tormenting, persisting thoughts. Amorous thoughts.
Clear-sighted, increased precision of mind. Sensitive to all external impressions. Senses are acute. Oversensitive to light, noise, shrill sounds, sad stories. Charmed by colors, especially red. Easily startled.
Moods are changeable, variable, swings between extremes of rage and well being. Impulsive. Restless, nervous. Impatient, hurried, everybody moves too slow.
Stressed mentally and emotionally. Full of worries, forebodings. Insecure. Anxious, desperate. Anxiety from palpitations, on waking. Anxiety about salvation. Overpowering panic attacks. Prolonged anguish and fear which has heightened every sense.

Irritability from any disturbance, when questioned. Fastidious. Obstinate, headstrong. Rage, fury. Impulse to kill. Anger during meetings. Jealousy associated with sexual excitement. Suspicious, mistrustful.
Weeping, causeless. Pessimistic. Dwells on past disagreeable events. Homesick, nostalgic. Sadness, depression, crying difficult. Ailments from grief, sorrow. Grief of the deepest kind. Forsaken feeling. Worse from consolation, company. Aversion to company. Indifference, apathy towards friends. Despair of life. Unmitigated misery. Suicidal thoughts. Loquacity alternating with sadness. Loss of self-control.
Feelings of being disconnected, worse fatigue, stress, anxiety or fear. Inability to feel connected to the mother. Desire for sympathy. Inability to remember childhood. Loss of purpose. Sense of uselessness and frustration at not being able to find one's path. Sense of having been derailed. Work fatigues easily. Sympathetic, compassionate.
Fear that something bad will happen. Fear of insanity, of losing self-control. Fear of crossing a bridge, of falling. Fear of ghosts, evil. Fear of impending death, feels as if soul were escaping from body. Fear of terrible dreams.

Disoriented. Sense of unreality. Feels as if intoxicated, drugged. Blissful. Cheerfulness. Euphoria. Tranquility, serenity, calmness. Thoughtless. Out-of-body states. Feeling of lightness. Fearlessness. No conception of time. Incorrect judge of sizes.

Trance. Clairvoyant and clairaudient. Telepathic phenomena. Psychic abilities that may be illusory. Hears voices or receives psychic messages. False messages. Pride about psychic abilities, may be deluding themselves.
Delusions, visions and hallucinations on closing eyes. Floating in air, that he is a bird, of flying, that he has no weight.
Delusions that body parts are immaterial, that the head is separated from body, that the mind and body are separated.
Religious delusions, that he lost his salvation, of gods, goddesses, angels, devils, ghosts, spirits. Frightful images, phantoms. Delusions of dangerous animals, crocodiles, tigers. Delusions of leopards, reptiles, snakes. Delusions of seeing monsters.

Visions of suffering, cruelty, torture, of being at war. Delusions of danger, of being surrounded by the enemy, of being watched, that another person is in the room. Delusions of events long past. Delusions that death is approaching, about the death of others.

ABDOMEN - Flatuence. Malabsorption and malnutrition from defective gut.

BACK - Injuries to the spine and coccyx. Tension in the neck. Scoliosis and kyphosis.

DREAMS - Exhausting, frightful or joyful dreams. Unremembered dreams. Dreams of animals, reptiles. Dreams of crossing bridges, flying, musical instruments, music, food. Amorous, lewd, lascivious, sexual dreams. Dreams of previous events, old friends, people not seen for years. Dreams of anger of cruelty, enemies, death, dying, war, being taken prisoner, strife, being wounded.

EARS - Hears acutely. Hears as if from a distance.

EYES - Acute vision or blurred. Sees images superimposed on whatever is being looked at. Doubts what is seen, has to look again.

FEMALE - Total loss of libido after use of hallucinatory drugs. Heightened libido, which can lead to excessive masturbation. Excessive libido in those who enjoy it as if it were only a spiritual experience. Sex with detached feelings. Sexual abuse followed by a crippled sex-life. Difficult, prolonged or late periods.

FOOD - Craves alcohol, stimulants such as coffee and tea. No appetite, would prefer to do without food.

HEAD - Sensation of being stuffed up with cotton wool. Heat in the vertex or cold as ice.

HEART - Congenital heart disease. Real or phantom pains. Raised heart rate. Palpitations.

KIDNEYS - Weak kidneys. Frequent urinary infections or pains in the kidneys.

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