Administration of medicines §272-§285 Administration of single, simple medicines §272-§274 Organon §272

The power of a potentized medicine varies according to how it is administered.

One globule [of fifty-millesimal potency medicine, prepared as described in §270-§271], 228 when it is placed dry upon the tongue, is one of the smallest doses for a moderate case of recently arisen disease. Administered in this way, only a few nerves are touched by the medicine. On the other hand, a similar globule crushed in with some milk sugar, dissolved in a good amount of water (§247) and well succussed before each ingestion, furnishes a far stronger medicine for many days' use. Every dose, no matter how small, contacts many nerves all at once.


228 These globules retain their medicinal value for many years if protected from sunlight and heat