Small homeopathic aggravations §156-§162 Organon §156

Homeopathic remedies usually produce at least one small new symptom in people who are fine-feeling and easily stimulated. 

Meanwhile, especially when the dose is not sufficiently diminished, there is seldom a medication (even one that is apparently fittingly selected homeopathically) that does not bring to pass, in irritable and fine-feeling patients, at least one small ailment which is not habitual for the patient-a small new symptom-during the duration of its action. This is because it is almost impossible for the symptoms of the medicine and those of the disease to cover one another as exactly as two triangles with equal sides and angles. In a good case, however, this insignificant deviation is easily wiped away by the living organism’s own energy activity (autocracy). It does so without even being noticed by patients, except those of immoderate delicacy. In any case, the restoration proceeds on to the goal of recovery as long as it is not hindered by foreign medicinal influences on the patient, by errors in regimen or through passions. 

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Небольшие гомеопатические ухудшения Гомеопатические препараты обычно привносят по меньшей мере один новый незначительный симптом остро реагирующим на раздражители и чувствительным людям. В данном случае редко, когда лекарство (даже совершенно верно выбранное по гомеопатическому подобию) не производит по меньшей мере одного маленького недомогания, непривычного для пациента – небольшого нового симптома на время действия препарата у раздражимых пациентов с повышенной чувствительнстью, особенно когда доза препарата не уменьшена в должной степени. Это происходит оттого, что… Читать еще »