Organon §194

No external means should be directly applied to local symptoms.

It is not useful (either with rapidly arising, acute local sufferings or with long-standing local maladies) to rub in or apply external means on the site. This is the case even if the means would be homeopathically specific and salutary if it were used internally, even if it were to be used internally at the same time.

Acute topical maladies not cured by the most appropriate internal apsoric medicine are acute flare-ups of psora.

Acute topical maladies (e.g. , inflammations of single parts, erysipelas, etc.) which have not arisen from an external damage of a violence proportionate to the malady, but through dynamic or internal causes, yield most surely to an internal means from the general supply of proven medicines [i.e. , an apsoric medicine] that is homeopathically appropriate to the present, outwardly and inwardly perceptible condition-state. The malady will generally yield to this treatment without any other aid. If the malady does not completely yield in this way-if some residue of the disease remains at the site of suffering, and in the whole condition, which the life force is not in a position to lift again to normalcy (even though the patient is following a good regimen)-then the acute malady is a flare-up of psora which has hitherto remained dormant in the interior and which is on the verge of developing itself into an overt chronic disease. Such a case is not rare.

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