Lac Dolphinum

Для этого испытания было потенцировано молоко дельфина в неволе.
Вот некоторые темы, о которых позволяет подумать это испытание:

* Оторванность от семьи, от группы
* Чувство отсутствия приватности
* На меня смотрят и в мою жизнь вмешиваются незнакомцы, которые хотя и имеют добрые намерения, но всё же назойливы
* У второго испытателя был сон о чувстве выставленности на обозрение, как с односторонним зеркалом (как в дельфинарии?)

Тот факт, что дельфин был не на свободе, а в неволе, мог бы объяснить вышеприведённые симптомы.
Поскольку он был в неволе, было бы интересно больше знать об истории болезни этого дельфина, его «характере» и его эмоциональном состоянии.

Lac Dolphinum - key notes
Lac Delphinum


— Calm during danger

— Play and pleasure.

— Circles.

— Separation/Detached.

— Clairvoyance.

— Affectionate. Amorous.

— Wants to watched constantly. Desire for amusement.

Swimming, desire for. Eating for pleasure.

— Plays antics.

— Conscientious about trifles.

— Impelled to touch things.

— Sensitive to noise on going to sleep.

— Weakness from heat of the sun.
Food and drinks

— Desire: Chocolate, ice-cream, onion, cold drinks.

— Swaying to left.

— Turns in a circle to right.

— Obscurity of vision.

— Photophobia.

— Post-nasal catarrh, pressing pain.

— Fullness. Sinusitis.

— Aphthae.


— Pain left side; sensation of lump.


— Heartburn; burning in stomach amel. pressure, warm applications.


— Pain on coughing.

— Pain heart, agg. lying left side.

— Pain left mammae.

— Pain ribs, right to left.

— Sensation of bubble, left side.


— Pain in big toe, agg. right.

— Swelling lower limbs; heavy feeling.

— Restless.

— Semi-conscious, hears everything.

— Dreams: Circle.

— Loss of voice from excitement.

— Dry, short cough from tickling in larynx.

— Expectoration grayish.

— Inflammation lungs, congestive stage.

Lac Dolphinum
Lac delphinum has a very distinct energy in women (I have seen no male cases).

Th ere is a combination of innocence, warmth, and sensuality that tends to be irresistible to men.

The most obvious example of this energy is Marilyn Monroe. A sex kitten, not a cat. Th e combination of child-like vulnerability and sexuality is very typical of Lac delphinum. Her helplessness makes her seem even more desirable. And yet a man who falls for her fi nds he has taken on more than he bargained for. She can be very demanding of his attention.

She needs constant reassurance that he loves her and fi nds her attractive, and she is so moody and volatile that he runs away from her.

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I have found that Lac delphinum women lack many of the defence mechanisms that help other Lac people to cope with grief and loneliness. In this sense they resemble Lac caninum. Th ey are more open emotionally, less analytical, and more in touch with their feelings. As a result, they are so sensitive that they easily feel overwhelmed by their own emotions.

Fear is the emotion which dominates Lac delphinum. She has many fears, but the most important are fears of attack and fears of abandonment. Lac delphinum is both psychic and highly imaginative. Th is works against her, as she can imagine hidden dangers, particularly at night. She senses attackers in the shadows, or ghosts by her bed. Some such women are terrifi ed by horror stories, yet also attracted. Th ey watch horror movies, then feel terrifi ed and haunted for weeks.

Lac delphinum has a peculiar relationship to danger. She seeks dangerous situations, and feels calm in them. For example, she will drink too much, and then drive. Th is can be compared to the dolphin who is always aware of sharks nearby, yet is not threatened. Dolphins will chase sharks away from the pod, and it is only sick and young who fall victim to sharks. Yet dolphins are very aware of the danger from sharks. Several Lac delphinum women reported dreams of being stabbed by sharp objects such as spears of knives, which may represent the shark’s teeth.

Relationships and Sexuality
Whereas many Lac individuals complain chiefl y about their relationship
with their mother, Lac delphinum tends to struggle especially
with her relationships with men. She knows she is sexually attractive,
and may use her sexuality to hook a man, from whom she seeks
security. Lac delphinum is often clingy and dependent in relationships,
and this tends to push partners away. She very easily goes into
a helpless, childlike mode, where she expects to be looked after. She
is also moody in relationships, because she easily feels neglected, hurt
and indignant. As a result she is prone to brief and stormy relationships.
She will also push men away deliberately, because she easily
feels trapped.

Another pattern I have seen in Lac delphinum is a tendency to
attract older men, who become father fi gures. Th ey provide security
for Lac delphinum, but are seldom sensitive enough for her. Hence she pouts and fi ghts with them, and eventually leaves them. Often in the
process she becomes a single mother.

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Sexuality is a prominent feature in the proving of Lac delphinum.
Most of my patients who responded to the remedy had a high sex
drive and a strongly sensual feel. Yet many also reported problems
with sexuality. Th e most common complaint was that they could
not connect sexuality with their heart. Th ey either felt love, or sexual,
but not both at the same time. Often there was an inability to reach
orgasm during intercourse, part of a general inability to let go during
sex. And some reported fear during sex, as if they were being raped.
Th e same women felt some masochistic desire to be raped by their
partner, and some also felt violent themselves during sex. It appears
these symptoms relate to the fact that male dolphins are very aggressive
when mating. Several males will chase a female and eff ectively
gang rape her.

Heart-centred and Dreamy
Lac delphinum has a very warm heart. Th is is part of her attractiveness.
She feels great empathy for almost everyone, and will give
and give when she feels needed. As a mother she tends to be a natural,
exuding maternal warmth whilst dreamily fl oating through the early
stages of being a parent. Very often motherhood is the one stable
element of her life, the one relationship she can count on to endure.
She is generally a permissive mother, who delights in every aspect of
her child.

Although Lac delphinum often has a sharp intellect, she is
frequently unable to focus. She is particularly liable to space out when
she is anxious. Her boundaries are not strong, and she easily feels overwhelmed by pressure. She then panics and goes into a fugue-like
state, where she feels dreamy and cannot think straight. Indecision is
a keynote symptom of Lac delphinum. She fears making a mistake,
and hence will not decide. Perhaps this also relates to the life and
death situations that dolphins face with regard to sharks.
Lac delphinum’s dreaminess is an essential characteristic of the
remedy. It is there even when she is not stressed. She will laugh easily,
and seem unable to take problems seriously. She has a child-like giggle,
reminiscent of Ignatia and Pulsatilla, and she likes to fool around
and make others laugh.

Play, Escape and Magical Th inking
Playfulness is another keynote of Lac delphinum, closely tied to
her dreaminess. Dolphins are famous for their playfulness. I feel it
is more than coincidence that dolphins are so often used in New Age
images of spirituality. Th ose New Agers who are attracted to the dolphin
image often share characteristics with Lac delphinum, including
innocence, dreaminess and unrealistic optimism. I have found that
Lac delphinum people are attracted to using aphorisms to attract what
they want, and to ward off trouble. It is a kind of magical thinking that
can be seen as an escapist or immature form of spirituality, associated
not only with dolphins, but also fairies, unicorns and angels.
Lac delphinum is a very escapist type. One way she will escape
is to bury her head in the sand. She simply will not look at diffi cult
issues, and so she can feel quite slippery when she seeks psychological
help. Instead of responding when asked a question that touches on a
painful issue, she may laugh, or stay silent, or change the subject.

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Another way Lac delphinum escapes is by taking drugs. It is a
very addictive type, particularly to alcohol and sedatives like valium
and marijuana.

Lac delphinum is prone to depressive illness. Her life is very
often chaotic, and lacking in support. She is extremely sensitive to
the world’s harshness, and she easily feels overwhelmed, and then
sinks into depression. When depressed she is very tearful, and full
of self-pity and self-loathing. She is also prone to anxiety when she
is depressed. At such times she isolates herself, though she can also
behave in a clinging way if she trusts someone. A depressed Lac delphinum
usually appears lost and hopeless, and has little idea how
to help herself. She tends to feel extremely disconnected from other
people, and hence very lonely.

Lac delphinum has many characteristics in common with China.
In particular, both types tend to be dreamy and psychic, and both
types are prone to panic. Th ey also share the same defence mechanism.
Both can be very stubborn and defi ant, particularly with men.
One Lac delphinum patient told me that she studied astrophysics at
university, just so that she could beat her father at something. She was
beautiful and sensual and dreamy, the kind of woman you would only
expect to be an astrophysicist in Hollywood movies.
As children, Lac delphinum are shy, sensitive and dreamy. Th ey
tend to live in an imaginary world, and are easily frightened. As with
other Lac types, sibling rivalry is often strong.

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