How to choose the best size of dose §278-§279 Organon §278

The only guides for determining the most appropriate dose in each case are pure experiment, accurate experience and careful observation of each individual patient.

The question arises: what is the most appropriate degree of smallness for certain as well as gentle help? How small would the dose of each single, homeopathically selected medicine have to be for the best cure in each individual case of disease? It is easy to realize that no theoretical conjecture can solve the problem of determining, for each medicine in particular, what dose will suffice for homeopathic curative purposes, yet still be so minute that the gentlest and most rapid cure will be attained. Speculating intellect and subtle sophistry give no information about it. It is also impossible to record all conceivable cases in a table in advance. Only pure experiment, careful observation of the excitability of each patient, and correct experience can determine the best dose in each particular case.

It would be foolish to disregard what pure experience teaches us about the smallness of the dose necessary for homeopathic cures and to advance the large doses of inappropriate (allopathic) medicines of the old practice. These allopathic medicines do not homeopathically touch the sick side of the organism; they only attack the parts of the organism not assailed by the disease.

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